Predictive-Control for challenging industrial processes

Some industrial processes are operated close to constraints and/or have challenging dynamics including strong non-linearities, strong couplings between variables and significant, varying dead times. In case of such challenging plants, the tuning of a PID controller is difficult and its performance limited. In this case, Predictive-Control may provide superior closed loop performance and allow for operation closer to the constraint.

Predictive-Control is a control technique where process model is explicitly used to predict the evolution of controlled variables and this prediction is used to optimize controlled inputs in real-time. The computational cost of the optimizations may be high for more complex plants, however due to recent advances in computer hardware and optimization algorithms, Predictive-Control it is now applicable to a wide range of systems, like the exotic Superfluid Helium Cryogenic Circuit at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) Arcs (

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Rafal Noga

I have graduated in 2007 with a Master's degree in control engineering and since then I have been developing first principles, thermo-hydraulic, distributed parameters, numerical models and optimization algorithms for non-linear estimation and control.